I Froze Time

I Froze Time.
I Did not even know that I could do that.
I heard that it was possible
but I never knew that… I would get a chance to do it myself.

At first it took me so long to know what I was doing. Took me far to long.
I needed help… from anyone….
But it had to be someone I trusted.
Even some one I loved.

After a few weeks. I did it
I Froze Time.
It was  blurry.
So Unclear.

Took me so long to get used to it.
I did not want people to know that I had this ability.
I was thinking that they might think I am odd… even crazy…
But in the end…

I told the world.
And they Loved it.
they wanted more…
I got help from everyone.

So in a moment the world tells me a story.
A story I can only see… But…
It’s a story I want to tell every one…
So I can only do what

I Take that photo.
And so the world seems my story.
Sees the worlds story…
That… That is how I froze time

-Ravi Mondok
March 27, 2017
9:34 PM