Lost in psychology. ( Chapter 1: Psychotic Depression) [ Page: 1]

Warning: This contains themes that are extremely hard hitting and depressing. If you maybe affected by that kind of theme I do not suggest reading…

I held on to the half empty bottle in my left hand… my gaze was set on my left wrist… it was decorated by 27 cuts… deep ones at that, the bright red of the wounds drew my attention to it even if I was looking else where. The bar I was sitting in a was soft brown with a mix of orange here and there… But I was more focused on the bottle in my hand, It was late as well, I knew I had school tomorrow. it’s nothing new. I just wanted to forget, I know right. drinking to forget. such a classic thing to do.

After letting out a sight I took a sip from my bottle. I just looked at the empty chairs next to me, the fact that no one was there was a strong tip that is was getting far to late… The bar owner walked up to me.

“Sander… you have been drinking that for an hour now…”
“Well I’m enjoying the moment Char.” I looked up at Char… she was leaning on the bar looking at me. her long black hair was her most noticeable feature, but it’s the way she looked at me… the way pity of her eyes just ate in to me… made me feel worse.
“You just don’t have any money…”
“that too.” I saw her smile softly it was warm… something that was comforting.
“you pay your tab… so I can’t complain… but I must remind you that we have school tomorrow.”
“I would prefer if you didn’t”
“Well… you don’t have to go… you keep complain about it you could just skip out”
“Trust me if I had a choice I would.”

      I simply slammed the rest of the drink… it was nothing to me. “drinking” dose not really do much for me. it was just something I could enjoy. something to keep my mind off all of the problems… I took out my wallet and put the money on the counter.

“See you tomorrow Char… Thanks for the drink”

I walked towards the door, and i reached for my jacket that was sitting from the lone standing chair that was near the entrance of the bar… as I put my jacket on I looked back and I looked at Char. she looked at me and waived… her thick jacket and long slaves.  was a good look on her… to my memory i think that she was a model of some kind. that and she was rather popular in school… so I opened the door to the bar and walked out in to the cold night.